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Creative Сommunications
Founded in 2014, FprBuro is an expert leader in contemporary communications, actualizing the vision and dream of personal and business brands.
Featuring a diverse range of global talent, we are a full-service brand-building agency specializing in the arts & culture, fashion, cinema, and beauty industries, navigating on an international level across the globe.
Founder and CEO of FprBuro
Producer of Special Projects
Co-Founder and Creative Director of FprBuro
Managing Partner
Lubov Pavlinova
Director of Special Projects
Yulia Simagina
Account Art Manager
Devin Washington
International Relations Manager
Irina Korabelnikova
Account Project Manager
Zhan Abdyrakhmanov
International Communications Specialist
Kristina Dmitrieva
Fashion Projects Specialist
Tatiana Radchenko
European Relations Manager
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