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Creative Сommunications
Founded in 2014, FprBuro is an expert leader in contemporary communications, actualizing the vision and dream of personal and business brands.
Featuring a diverse range of global talent, we are a full-service brand-building agency specializing in the arts & culture, fashion, cinema, and beauty industries, navigating on an international level across the globe.
Dmitry Chograshi
Founder and CEO of FprBuro
Producer of Special Projects

Upon the company’s establishment, Founder and Head Producer of Special Projects, Dmitry Chograshi launched FprBuro Communications back in 2014. Garnering a lifetime of experience throughout his career, Chograshi has mastered the techniques necessary to produce and oversee the extensive process of brand development; playing a key and crucial role in the organization of exclusive art, fashion, and lifestyle events presented by FprBuro. With an acclaimed reputation that precedes him, Dmitry Chograshi has amassed lasting relationships within authoritative audiences, members of the press, and countless journalists of influential publications.
Under his tenure as leader, the company has successfully implemented numerous landmark projects internationally, unrivaled to other competitors in the field. With a discerning and watchful eye, his company FprBuro has discovered many new and emerging talent in the areas of Art & Culture, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Business. 
Oleg Tarnopolskiy
Co-Founder and Creative Director of FprBuro
Managing Partner

As Co-Founder, Managing Partner, and Creative Director of FprBuro Communications, Oleg Tarnopolskiy wears many hats. Having acquired extensive knowledge and accreditations from numerous prestigious institutions within the fashion industry, Tarnopolskiy later branched into the fields of journalism and film & television. Some of his achievements include: Celebrity Stying and Image Consulting with some of the world’s top talent; featured cover stories and published column works, some reoccurring presently, with publications like, Vogue, Interview Magazine, ELLE, L’Officiel, WS MAGAZINE, and many others; host positions on popular shows, partnering with broadcast networks like, TNT and MTV Russia. The list goes on. Needless to say, Oleg Tarnopolskiy is seasoned in the areas of PR, knowing every detail of the brand-building process first hand.
Broadening his own personal brand development, together with his business partner Dmitry Chograshi, Tarnopolskiy later launched his company, ImageRoom Oleg Tarnopolskiy, back in 2010. With Chograshi in charge of public relations,  Tarnopolskiy focused on internal and external communications. The newly formed company achieved major notoriety within their base of Russia and neighboring countries. Having garnered such successes, the pair aspired for greater. Expanding their reach to more international levels, the birth of their much larger conglomerate, FprBuro Communications Agency, was established in 2014.
Yulia Bukina
Senior International Project Manager
Zhan Abdyrakhmanov
International Communications Specialist
Kristina Dmitrieva
Fashion Projects Specialist
Irina Korabelnikova
Account Project Manager
Devin Washington
International Relations Manager
Tatiana Radchenko
Regional Manager
Lubov Pavlinova
Special Projects Manager
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