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October 11 – 15, 2023
October 11 – 15, 2023
During Frieze Week 2023, FprBuro Communications Agency presented a solo exhibition by the British artist Olga Lomaka, showcasing her new project: a series of sculptures titled "Aliens." This exhibition, held from October 10 to 15, marked a significant milestone in the cultural landscape of London.

Throughout the exhibition, FprBuro Communications Agency orchestrated various special events.
In conjunction with Olga Lomaka's solo exhibition of her latest art project "Aliens," FprBuro Communications Agency organized an exclusive Private View during Frieze London 2023 at the renowned Zari Gallery on October 10. Gallerists, art collectors, critics, and cultural representatives gathered to personally explore the exhibition and engage with the artist.

Notable figures present at the private view included:
– Founder and CEO of FprBuro, Producer of Special Projects Dmitriy Chograshi
– Curator Exhibitions at Sea Saga, Editor at Large of STATE-F22, and Special Projects Lead at Art Bermondsey Project Space, Michael Barnett
– Art Advisor Linton Wang
– Creative Director Zari Gallery Rinald Mamashev
– Director and founder of Peace and Colour Gallery Irina Emtseva
– Founder of ES Gallery Elina Safarova
- Art Advisor Yana Kotina
- Artist and Eco-Activist Natalia Kapchuk
- Artist, Actor, Writer Darren Charman
- Artist Sasha Byrhanova
- Editor in Chief of Ikon London Magazine Tamara Orlova
- Producer, Director, Writer, Filmmaker Stephen Robert Morse
- Actor, Character Actor, Writer, and Comedian Coral Bevan
- and many other industry professionals.

The "Aliens" exhibition captivated visitors, offering a fresh perspective on familiar aspects of the human condition and experience. Most of the exhibited pieces garnered heightened interest from private collectors and were sold during the event.

Organizing a solo art exhibition requires meticulous and strategic planning, as the quality of preparation profoundly influences the professional reputation of the artist and the successful promotion of the showcased body of work. Consequently, event organizers typically allocate a minimum of six months for thorough preparation. As the seasoned team at FprBuro Communications Agency, boasting extensive experience collaborating with artists and stakeholders within the art industry, often assuming roles as organizers of both solo and group exhibitions, we possess unparalleled expertise in this domain.

For the solo exhibition featuring British artist Olga Lomaka, held in London from October 11th to 15th, 2023 for Public View, coinciding with Frieze London 2023, our team commenced preparations at the onset of the year. This involved establishing clear goals and objectives through the formulation of a comprehensive strategy and Interpretive Master Plan, securing a venue suitable for the event’s stature, procuring suitable exhibition infrastructure, planning the exhibit budget, conducting negotiations and meetings with partners, devising strategies to attract a target audience, through Guest Management, crafting presentation materials, designing the event program, orchestrating PR campaigns, executing pre-exhibition and exhibition marketing initiatives, and developing the exhibition’s overall thematic program.

Under the curatorial and informational guidance of FprBuro Communications Agency, we orchestrated a press breakfast for art media representatives and a private viewing event. These gatherings attracted gallery proprietors, art collectors, critics, and other cultural influencers. The solo exhibition titled “Aliens” received acclaim from the professional art community, including critics, journalists, curators, and private collectors. A portion of the exhibited works was sold during a private showing.
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